PAMOJA ZambiaIn Zambia, Namwala, REFLECT has been used effectively to advocate for the Namwala District Hospital to start disbursing ARVs to the HIV patients. Namwala has become one of the first rural district hospitals to start administering the
ARV treatment. The majority of people no longer have to travel to the provincial hospital or Lusaka to access the drugs.

The Hodi operational area in Namwala has now increased the circles from 13 in 2004 to 22 and participants have increased from 228 to 490. The impact of reflect on the women’s capacities to run their small businesses profitably has continued to be appreciated. All the 481 women participants have accessed cash loans and have learnt how to read, write and count.

A total of 110 facilitators were trained and they are serving 101 circles while
supervising nine circles with 4000 committed participants in the developmental activities of the Reflect process and literacy/numeracy sessions. Others were community members who participated in different activities at

In Zambia, REFLECT is used to address situations and issues in education, environment management, displaced people (refugees), peace & conflict resolution, HIV/AIDS, health and care.


A network of Reflect practitioners within the country was set up including HODI and People’s Action Forum (PAF). Three other organizations expressed interest and attended the initial network meetings and the PAMOJA focal person is trying her best to sustain their interest of being on the network. HODI further extended an invitation to the three organizations for its in-house Reflect Training of Trainers (TOT).

In 2004, PAMOJA-Zambia participated in the first meeting of Reflect Practitioners in Southern Africa that saw the setting up of PASARNET- the PAMOJA Southern African Network.

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