STAR BangladeshAlthough the focus area of intervention in Bangladesh is prevention, other focus is put on advocacy and lobbying for care, support, and treatment from government. The activities are also trying to reduce stigma and discrimination through the empowerment of PLWHA. One of the focus areas is linking between grassroots and policy makers.

The STAR process in Bangladesh is more inclined to raising voices of people in communities. Circle participants are empowered to the extent that they are now taking lead in communities in some places.

Through STAR, Bangladesh has been able to reduce stigma which is prevailing in the society and people are now trying to find methods to sustain the process instead of relying on donors. The communities are able to link themselves with available resources. STAR EC’s role here is to facilitate and find out the gaps and needs of the communities to facilitate where and when necessary.

STAR EC Bangladesh recently organised a gathering and workshop for the event “Global AIDS Week of Action” in which circle participants gathered in 4 districts which are Chittagong, Sylhet, Jessore and Faridpur. They participated in a colourful rally, a discussion with the local elites, and government representatives. These programmes motivate the participants and communities to the extent of believing in themselves.

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